An Open-Source Platform For Distributed Analysis of Healthcare Data

Perform off-the-shelf federated analyses on FHIR and DICOM data distributed across multiple hospital institutions.


CODA Platform Overview

CODA is a comprehensive suite of open-source software tools that enables ingestion, storage, analysis, and visualization of distributed healthcare data.

Health-ready federation platform

Baked-in support for standard healthcare standards (DICOM, FHIR) and terminologies (LOINC, SNOMED, ICD-10, CPT, AHFS).

Multi-site data visualizations

Create on-the-fly federated data visualizations using a no-code, dropdown-based visual query interface.

Small deployment footprint

Powered by an agile, highly deployable technological stack including NodeJS and TypeScript.

Federated multimodal learning

Launch distributed learning queries on multi-modal data using TensorFlow 2 and the Keras API.

About US

Our Team and Partners

Our multi-disciplinary team combines technical expertise in the fields of machine learning, data science, epidemiology, and biostatistics, with strong clinical research expertise in radiology, internal medicine, emergency medicine, and critical care medicine.

Project Manager

Pascal St-Onge, MSc [Get in touch]

Executive Committee

Michaël Chassé, MD, PhD, CHUM¹
Louis-Antoine Mullie, MD, CHUM¹
Jonathan Afilalo, MD, MSc, Jewish General Hospital²
Patrick Archambault, MD, MSc, CISSS Chaudière-Appalaches³
David Buckeridge, MD, PhD, McGill University Health Centre²
Yiorgos Cavayas, MD, MSc, Hôpital Sacré-Coeur de Montréal¹
François Lamontagne, MD, MSc, CHUS⁵
Renald Lemieux, PhD, CIUSSS de l'Estrie - CHUS⁵
Joelle Pineau, PhD, Mila institute²
Alexis Turgeon MD, MSc, CHU de Québec³

Development Team

Kevin Arsenault³ [@arsenaultk9]
Rima Bouchakri¹ [@Rima-B]
Kip Brown¹ [@dkipb]
Adrien Dessemond³ [@addes6]
Alexandre Hamel² [@ahamelmcgill]
Maxime Lavigne² [@malavv]
Bruno Lavoie³ [@blavoie]
Julien Levesque¹ [@JulienL3vesque]
Louis Mullie¹ [@louismullie]
Jeffrey Li¹ [@JeffreyLi16]
Xuefei Shi² [@xuefeishi]
Steering Committee

Marc Afilalo, MD, JGH²
François M. Carrier, MD, MSc, CHUM¹
Emmanuel Charbonney, MD, PhD¹
Carl C.-Lefebvre, MD, MSc, CHUM¹
Joseph Paul Cohen, PhD, Mila¹
Guillaume Plourde, MD, PhD, CHUM¹
Audrey Durand, PhD, Mila³
Madeleine Durand, MD, MSc¹
Philippe Jouvet, MD, PhD, MBA, HSJ¹
Esli Osmanlliu MD, MSc (cand), MCH²
Shane W. English, MD, MSc, OH⁴
François Lamontagne, MD, MSc⁵
Brent Richards, MD, MSc, JGH²
Antony Robert, MD, MASc, MUHC²
Michaël Sauthier, MD, MBI, HSJ¹
Nicolas Sauthier, MD, CHUM¹
An Tang, MD, MSc, CHUM¹

Academic Affiliations

¹ Université de Montréal
² McGill University
³ Université Laval
⁴ University of Ottawa
⁵ Université Sherbrooke


How to Get Started?

Explore our codebase on GitHub, read the deployment guide, or get in touch for more information about the platform and help with deployment.

View Code on Github

View our code repositories on GitHub, learn more about the CODA platform architecture, and see options on how to contribute.

Read Deployment Guide

Deploy a fully-fledged CODA instance with synthetic data and explore the possibilities the platform has to offer.

Get in Touch with Us

Interested in deploying CODA in multi-institutional hospital environments? Get in touch with us to get more information on real-world deployment.


Funding and Support

CODA is funded and supported by academic and non-profit organisations.

Contact us

Get in Touch with Us

For general inquiries, collaborations or partnerships, get in touch with us.

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